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Let’s Talk About: A Quiet Place

I want to preface this post with a quick note: I am the worst with horror movies. In fact I think I had legitimately watched only one before this one, and it was one of those comedy-horror teen movies with a few jump scares (Happy Death Day). I think more horror movie fans wouldn’t even call either of these films true horror movies so there’s that. 

About one and a half years ago I went through a phase where I tried to see everything that Emily Blunt had ever acted in. I’m not sure when or why this happened and I can’t remember if I saw A Quiet Place or Mary Poppins Returns first but at some point before I saw either of those films, it happened and then I was on a mission to see everything from Sicario to The Devil Wears Prada. 

Then when I found out her and John Krasinski (Jim from the American version of The Office in case you didn’t know) were married, it made watching A Quiet Place and the press junk for it so much more fun. Mostly because they’re super hilarious together in interviews.

Anyway, let’s talk about how me, a non-horror movie fan, came to really enjoy A Quiet Place, and enjoy it so thoroughly that I bought advanced tickets to see the sequel in theatres and get really upset the day it got cancelled because it was supposed to happen at the end of March, and we all know how the end of March 2020 went.

John’s First Film 

Watching A Quiet Place and knowing that this was John Krasinski directorial debut is honestly kind of crazy to me, because it’s really good. Then finding out he also wrote it? 

Most people know him as the funny guy Jim from Dunder Mifflin, which makes the fact that he also took part in the writing process so much more ironic and fascinating. 

In many interviews he talks about how he finds the storyline to be a lot less about horror and more about familial and parental love, stating in several talk-show appearances that the movie is really a “love letter to his kids”. Which is definitely adorable and shows well in the second half of the movie, which I won’t spoil because I will be telling everyone I know who hasn’t seen this movie to go watch is ASAP. 

Fun fact, John also at one point played one of the creatures, so keep that in mind while you’re watching. 

Silence Does So Much 

My love for scores was dutifully appreciated in this movie. Although there are little to no verbally spoken lines in this film and the main antagonist in this film is sound itself, this movie is far from silent. 

Jumping off from that point, the use of sign language set this film apart from other performances in so many ways. It’s such an expressive language and took the film’s emotion to a whole different level.

Although a movie with little to no script could have driven viewers away, it sure didn’t. One of the most interesting quick facts that I can share about this film and its popularity, was that it was made on a budget of $17 million and ended up with a box office total of $340.9 million. So, safe to say it was a hit.

Awards Season Bummer 

Horror films aren’t known for winning big at any awards show as far as I know, and as I’ve already mentioned, I don’t really watch a lot of horror so the thought of why they don’t win never really crossed my mind until I saw this film. 

Although the film was nominated for many awards and ended up winning best sci-fi/horror at the 2018 Critics Choice Awards, I still think that there should have been a little bit more recognition for this film! 

However, I am super glad Emily won best supporting actress as the SAG Awards in 2019 because she definitely deserved some kind of recognition for several scenes in that film. This isn’t a spoil because it’s in the trailer, but the bathtub scene alone deserved that whole SAG trophy. 

The young performers in this film, Millicent Simmons and Noah Jupe, were also brilliant. This was not my first time seeing Noah, since he is an extremely talented child-actor circulating Hollywood right now (Ford v. Ferrari, Wonder, Honey Boy, Suburbicon). However, this was my first time seeing Millie in anything and she was so, so fantastic and I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for more of her in the future. She also ended up being nominated for Best Young Performer at the 2018 Critic’s Choice Awards, which definitely speaks for her performance. 

A Great Horror Movie for the Not-Horror Movie Fans

In the end, I can confidently say, as someone who sucks with horror, you can seriously enjoy this film nonetheless. In the end, although it can definitely get creepy and there are a few jump-scare moments, I think the story-line, performances, and overall composure of the film make this such a good movie.

And I’ll still be just as excited, if not more, to see the sequel in 2021 as I was 7 months ago!