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Let’s Talk About: Little Women (2019)

Let’s start this conversation about Little Women (2019 film) with this: remakes of movies can get really boring, really fast. However, I think the story of Little Women is somehow timeless, and can be changed in such ways that make it being re-done something beneficial for audiences as opposed to a waste of cinematic space. 

Let’s talk about why. 

Greta freakin’ Gerwig 

Straight up, deserved an Oscar nomination for best directing. I’m still heated about that. I’m glad she got the recognition in the best picture and adapted screenplay categories though. Better than nothing! 

Nonetheless, I think Gerwig managed to take an old (old) story and turn it into something that modern day audiences can enjoy, despite the fact that there’s something like ten other versions of it (after a quick google search it appears there’s actually six MOVIE adaptations alone, not forgetting about the television shows, plays, and musicals; learn more about the many adaptations in this PBS article). 

Although the setting, time period, and bones of the story remained the same, I think Gerwig did a great job of making the story relevant to today without making it set in 2019. Gotta love a good ol’ period piece! 

Can We Talk About the Stacked Cast for a Minute? 

I’ll be honest, we’re a few paragraphs into this blog piece and now I can officially disclose that I’ve never actually read Little Women (the original book) and I honestly have no intentions to anymore. I tried to start it back over Christmas break in 2019, trying to read it before I saw the film, but in the end (at least while I’m still studying) whenever I have time to read I’m going to be reading something easy and fun. I flip (or scroll) through enough heavy reading during the semester. 

Anyway, usually when I see a movie form of a book is coming out (see Farenheit 451) I get excited. Actually, don’t “see Farenheit 451”, that movie sucked so bad I couldn’t even finish it, which is vastly upsetting considering I loved that book and story so much. 

Considering I hadn’t a clue what Little Women was about, throwing a stacked cast into a trailer sure drew me in. We’re talking Emma Watson (childhood icon), Timothee Chalamet (rising star), Saoirse Ronan (where’s her Oscar?), Laura Dern (mom), and Meryl Streep (yes, Meryl Streep). Need I say more? 

Some Final Notes 

I could go on longer about this film, but I’m going to wrap it up with a few more points that I don’t want to write full sections about. 

Firstly, the score. Brilliant and amazing. Also, written by a brilliant and amazing composer by the name of Alexandre Desplat. I would almost dare to bet a decent sum of money that you’ve seen a film with a  score by him, he’s phenomenal. 

And secondly, I cannot wait to see Florence Pugh in more films. This was the first time I had seen her act and it for sure will not be the last! I’d say she’s easily one of the more prevalent break-out stars of 2019. From Midsommar to Little Women to Black Widow (now coming… 2021? Who knows). To top it all off she’s going to be starring opposite Harry Styles, directed by Olivia Wilde in a new film that just started shooting this week. Super exciting stuff! 

If you’re looking for something with amazing 1800’s dresses and even more amazing 2019 acting, I highly suggest Little Women. May it be noted, that it is not a film just for women (contrary to many who think that when the word “women” is in the title it’s suddenly a girl’s-only fest).