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Let’s Talk About: Some of my Favourite Animated Movies

I’m going to start this post off with the disclaimer that I decided to not include any strictly ‘Disney’ movies just for the sake of making this list easier. Although, I did include Pixar because in my head they’re still separate companies (I mean, I’m just placing bets on when Disney’s going to buy out Dreamworks… any day now). 

These 5 movies aren’t the *best* animated movies in my opinion, but think of this list more as a group of movies that I recently re-watched or will be re-watching this weekend as a twenty year old who never really had a Disney princess phase.

Finding Nemo 

An all around classic. This was definitely one of my favourites as a kid, notably my Mom’s favourite as well. I think one of my favourite things about most animated movies are the comedic supporting casts. Yeah Nemo, Marlin and Dory are great but characters like Deb, Squirt, Crush, and Gill really stole the show for me. 

Although this might be an unpopular opinion, I think the sequel was pretty darn good. I’m by no means saying it was better than the first, but it held it’s own for sure. 

How To Train Your Dragon 

A newer movie than Nemo for sure, but nonetheless, great. I’ve only seen this one a couple of times so the plot is not as fresh in mind (hence the weekend plans I have to rewatch it) but overall this was such a new and interesting storyline so far from the days of princess animation which is why I think it was such a hit. 

Also, Toothless is the cutest dragon known to the human race. 

Over the Hedge 

Over the Hedge Wallpaper

Recently re-watched this one, as in last night, and it honestly gets better with age. As a kid with a hyper-active imagination I loved the idea of animals having their own little worlds where they hang out regardless of their species. 

Watching this as an adult definitely made me notice the underlying social message that this film sits on about urban sprawl and the toxicity of the human race towards wild animals, so that’s an interesting pill to swallow. A more positive thing to notice as an adult is the casting for this movie. As a kid I had no care for who Wanda Sykes, Steve Carrell, Eugene Levy were, but now it just adds comedic layer after comedic layer to an already great script and storyline. 

Inside Out 

Alongside the note I made about Over the Hedge about over-active imaginations, Inside Out is such a fantasy world for me as a kid. The concept of having little guys working in your brain would’ve been just pure fun for an 8 year old me. Although, I’m really glad I was a 15 year old when I saw this because it’s honestly a little hard hitting. The whole story-line revolves around some very realistic issues that I don’t think I would’ve picked  up on as a kid. On top of that, I definitely shed several tears near the end of this movie and that’s coming from someone who doens’t cry at movies, like at all. 

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

This is by far the most recent animated movie that I really enjoyed. It is leaps and bounds ahead of the others in this list in terms of technical and visual animation, as it should be, and adopts a really wild story-line that’s definitely more catered to an older audience than the others were. 

The Spider-Man story has been retold so many times, but if you haven’t seen it and are still on the edge about seeing *another* spider-man movie, I’d seriously consider it. Not only does it dive into a more complex sider world (or should I say ‘verse’), but I really haven’t been able to move past the crazy realms that movies, especially superhero movies, can get to when they’re fully animated. 

Unfortunately, because most of these movies aren’t Disney or Pixar, they’re not on a lot of streaming services. That’s definitely a big flaw to streaming culture right now for me is so many movies that I want to see on any given day just happen to not be available on the 4 different services I have access to which is really just a first world problem to have. But, if you DO have access to any of these movies and you haven’t seen them I highly suggest any of them on any day.