Let's Talk What I Watch

Let’s Talk About: Why I Want to Talk About Movies

Whenever I watch a new movie or TV show I almost always have something more to say about it. Instead of relentlessly bothering my friends or family, I decided I should put it into words. 

Despite not being a film student, I’ve ended up finding a passion (for lack of a beter word) for the entire world of film. From scoring, to cinematography, to writing, to acting. Having never done any of these things or truly learned about them from an academic standpoint, my commentary on these topics is guaranteed to be amateur, but in the end this blog will remain a fun way for me to spill my thoughts on what I watch to someone, someday. 

Ever since I was young, as a curious child, I always loved imaginary worlds. Harry Potter being the main one. I feel like this was what sparked my love for films, as I was not old enough to remember the book launches, but I was just at the right time to experience the last 2 films in theatres. (Notably, with no shame, dressing as Hermione to see the first part of the Deathly Hallows in the Coquitlam Cineplex). Furthermore, I always have been and will continue to be a huge Marvel movie fan. The whole “bigger universe” connecting different forms of media has a clear theme in my life.

However, the first film I can remember watching on my own personal time that truly introduced me to the world of “the Academy will like this” films, was Spotlight in 2015. I’ll get more into why I love Spotlight in a later blog post, but it surely remains memorable. A few years later I saw Sicario. This film was a direct launch for me into my fascination with the universe that is film-making. Despite its dark subject matter, everything about it, from score to cinematography, made me so much more interested in watching more movies than I ever had been before. Pretty much ever since then, around February 2019, I’ve been actively seeking out and watching new films and streaming new shows ever since.