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The Martian feat. Peter Parker

Hey guys! Peter Parker here.

When I was asked to write about a film I knew I had to turn to sci-fi. I’m a huge nerd for any movie that can transport me into a completely different universe where day to day activities are so far from my own, like single-handedly saving the entire borough of Brooklyn. That’s why I love stuff like Star Wars. 

But instead of writing about movies that would get me chased around by guys who know their stuff (inside and out) about a complex universe, I thought I would do something a little more “niche”. 

Starring Matt Damon, The Martian is about a single botanist getting left on Mars and having to survive for a looong time until his team could circle back and retrieve him. 

One of the funniest things about the release and follow-up of this movie was the comedy versus drama debate. During Hollywood awards season it was widely classified as a comedy, since it definitely takes a comedic approach to how a man would change and adapt to the craziest form of isolation that exists. But there’s also some crying in it. You know, cause’ of the whole ‘stuck on Mars’ left to die thing.  

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter whether or not it’s more funny or more sad, it’s an awesome movie either way. 

Basically, Matt’s character, Mark, manages to grow one thing on Mars with his botany powers (skills); potatoes. So he lives off of potatoes and Mars mission food rations for over a year (I can’t remember how long but it was long enough for him to grow a wicked beard). 

Now let’s get into a few factors that make The Martian a good movie. 

Cool Mars Tech 

When going to Mars to do fun NASA mission stuff, you gotta have the cool tech. 

Where the astronauts were staying was basically as close to the cool tent in Harry Potter that looks really boring from the outside but is actually really cool on the inside as something can get. 

Also, extra points for the Mars rovers and the weird circle in the Mars sand communicator-back-to-earth that he eventually gets hooked up to the rover (bluetooth?). That was cool and way too complicated for me to understand. 

Solving the Problems that Occur when “Stuck on Mars” 

Making a slightly embarrassing admission here; I was actually considering botany as a career after this movie. For like two minutes. Then I remembered, OFF of Mars botany is still just botany. No hate, but growing plants can only be so fascinating to someone who can climb walls just for fun. 

The problem solving of this movie is definitely part of the comedy. While the original problems can come off as super dark stuff, the commentary from Mark’s video diaries ultimately spins a lot of the dark areas of the film into light and funny ones. 

All in all, I’m definitely going to be re-watching this movie ASAP after I re-binging The Mandalorian for baby yoga and finish building that Lego Death Star…  

And I gotta say, after watching this movie I took a few days off from eating potatoes.