Peer Reviews, PUB101 Assignments

Peer Review 2: Just Jusdene

Today I’m reviewing the design elements of my peer, Jusdene’s site called Just Jusdene. A great name for a great site right off the bat.

I’m going to go page by page to discuss the excellent design of the site overall and then offer a few critics. 

Home Page 

Overall the site is immediately presented as being very sleek, intentionally designed, and organized, which works to translate the tone and topic very well. To me, someone who knows very little about fashion, as an audience member I’m not surprised that this is a fashion or lifestyle blog. The fonts, colour palettes, menu and header styles all give this away. The sidebar is also being used very efficiently to introduce the creator/author, which makes great use of the space while maintaining the eye-catching white space. 

The dynamic/changing featured post at the top is awesome, but I’d also consider maybe adding some kind of stable (not changing) header at the top that explains what the site is. This could be a photo or a description, since your recent posts are link right below as well. Adding something could draw the audience in further and then push them to click on the recent post instead of immediately presenting them with a changing post! So in sum, just something a little more stable that further introduces your site and intices viewers to scroll down and see your big, dynamic featured posts, and then further to the recent post list. 

Blog Page 

I love the overall aesthetic of the site and how this is especially highlighted in the fashion blog with the images associated with each post also working well together to build a cohesive image of the overall blog. The only critique I have about this page is about the “Category: Fashion” header. I think it would elevate the blog page a lot if the creator were to add an image in this (currently grey) strip. It can be simple, and remain greyscale or black and white to follow the tone of the site, but I think it would add a certain *pop* to the page and make it even more eye-catching.

PUB101 Page 

Following the note on the blog page, I think adding some kind of image to the header of this page as well would add some texture. 

Organization-wise, the process posts and mini assignments being numbered is a great way to keep everything organized visually. The only critique I have is that I think it would be beneficial to organize the menu under PUB101 alphabetically (ex. Essays, Mini Assignments, Peer Reviews, Process Posts). 

Overall the site is very consistent. The tone follows through on each page efficiently and the design of each page matches the next which is beneficial to the viewer. Most of the critiques I have made are small, as the overall site looks amazing and the creator has made great use of it!