Peer Reviews, PUB101 Assignments

Peer Review 1: The Rabbit Hole

This first peer review, we’ll be talking about Darren’s website called The Rabbit Hole (!

Let’s Talk About: The Rabbit Hole

Right off the bat, I love the concept of this website. 

Some of my favourite youtube videos are the ones where the creator goes on a google deep-dive. Namely, this one by Jenna Marbles

This is a great concept for a blog because every week you can get creative as you want with it and basically go on a rant, so this website is definitely going to keep readers hooked! 

Overall, this kind of website and blog direction are great ways to develop the online self. While picking an interest to talk about, as I have, can be fun it can also sometimes feel like a cage if you’re suffering from writer’s block. A place where you can just write about what’s peaking your interest that week and develop some solid critique or review about it is such a great way to make an emergence into the online world of blogging!


I love the design of the website so far. I think the dark, contrasted appearance makes it feel mysterious and as a literal rabbit hole feels. 

Really great job using WordPress to your advantage! Feel free to give me some tutorials on it… 


As I briefly mentioned before, I love the concept. I thoroughly enjoyed the post “How Not to Cook” and thought it was a genuine and great explanation of a cooking resource on youtube. I also had a good chuckle at the meme!    

So far there’s plenty of content for readers to dive into, so great job on that!


The whole website is very organized and I love how you can see the post’s categories before you click on them! This helps so much with knowing what is blog content versus publishing content. 


Only three things to mention here. 

Firstly, I think the header could use something else. The rest of the website is really vibrant, so I think adding something to the header could really benefit every page. It doesn’t have to be colour and I really love the logo. The only idea that came to mind was adding a little rabbit of some sort, whether close to the logo or somewhere in the header space. It doesn’t have to be a cutesy rabbit, it could be an evil rabbit that steals your time, similar to the one in Alice in Wonderland. Just musing! 

Second up, I think a brief description at the top of the Latest Reviews page as to why it’s called “Latest Reviews” could be beneficial. I understand that it’s reviewing your latest deep dives, but I think it could possibly be misleading as a product review blog. 

Finally, for the About page I think moving the image and About paragraph to the top of the page and then the suggested articles to the bottom would help with the flow. This way you could potentially gesture to the suggested articles at the end of your write-up, or just lead the readers eyes to the articles as they read down the page! 


Overall I really love this whole website! It’s so creative, eye-catching and open-ended. The critiques that I made are very minimal, since the overall design and work on the website are already so good.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I think this concept is a great way to dive into the world of online self-publishing and constructing the digital self, as talked about by Campbell in “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure“.

Great job, Darren! I’m excited to keep reading.