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Process Post #2: My Vision Board

Above is the “vision board” for my blog “Let’s Talk What I Watch”. Overall, this is a general thought process of how I picture using this website and also a guideline for me to keep on track with this online platform to achieve my goals. 

Now I’m going to get into the board a little bit. 

Colour Palette and Graphic Design 

When I started going through a random colour palette generator, I had a vague idea of what I wanted. I wanted something fun, bright, and fall-themed, since I’ll be building and working with the website throughout the Fall 2020 semester after all. 

The visuals are meant to represent my blog and contribute to the overall “vibe”. When I went about designing the first few graphics, I wanted them to emulate the care-free, positive, and loose structure of my blog. My writing pieces about films and tv shows are meant to be reflective commentary, not criticism but also not restrictive or following any structure in terms of what I talk about in each piece. This is shown in the creative, random, messy style and fun, bright colours of the graphics.


Overall, I enjoy all film and TV genres, except horror (I’m a scaredy-cat). I didn’t want to box myself into any corners by selecting a few genres, so I made this vague guideline more-so to be able to let my audience know what to expect. I find these kinds of films or TV shows have the most for me to comment on, which will ultimately make it easier for me to continue to make blog posts weekly. 

Discussion Topics 

This section is also ultimately a general overview. Overall, I will dive into anything I want to talk about when I want to talk about it. Things like cinematography, editing, performances, and scoring are just some of the aspects I find most compelling, while things like awards are interesting to me since they place the film into greater societal contexts in terms of their success and criticism. One of my favourite things to do after I watch anything is to dive into the IMDB or Wikipedia of the film or show and get to know it’s background, so I’ll be sure to include the things I learn about the context of each film into the blog posts because I find the behind the scenes of how a story comes together to be just as interesting as the story being told. 

Goals for the Blog 

One of my goals was to create a space for “recommendations”. I don’t want to solely explain why or why not a film is a “must see”, but instead I want to try to draw connections between different pieces of content and recommend films based on others. After all, likes and dislikes are subjective, so putting recommendations in context is important to me. 

Another goal for me is to just write. I love putting my thoughts into words but I never seem to do it outside of academic papers. I never really picked up journaling or anything like that, so I’m excited to just write. That’s basically why I wanted to keep such a general outline and creative vibe with this site, because I don’t want to box myself in and discourage future Gen from writing something she doesn’t want to!