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Process Post #10: Reacting to My Third Peer Review

For this week’s process post I’ll be looking back on the helpful constructive criticism I got from Victoria over at The Procrastireader. She gave me some really helpful critiques that I’ll be working on incorporating into my site going forward! 

Let’s talk about a few. 


As far as running a new website goes, the technical issues are the hardest for me by far; however, this correction is going to be an easy fix going forward: making sure my links open in new tabs. 

We went over this a little bit in the past few weeks in lecture and now I’m definitely aware of the positive sides to making sure readers can easily navigate to and from your site. I honestly wasn’t really thinking about it too much as my mind was preoccupied with getting all of the links embedded into the post in the first place, but going forward I’ll defiitely be making the time! 

Design + Content

I always appreciate good comments about the ‘vibe’ or tone of my site! Hearing that the graphics and colours give off the impression I wanted them to is always lovely. 

One thing she pointed out was to add more pictures to my blog posts which I’ll definitely be doing! I might even go back to some of my old posts and add them when I have time near the end of the year after finals are over. After all, this is a film blog and not showing anything from the films is definitely a missing asset. 

In terms of content, I’m very glad to hear that my posts are an appropriate length that explain films without going into too much detailing and completely spoiling them! It’s a hard balance to strike. I also would love to respond to the comment about my media remix post where I combined Harry Styles with Harry Potter. Yes, I did see this tiktok, and I loved it. 

Another pointer she gave me about page design and content is directed at my About page. If I’m being honest, I basically made that page back in September and barely looked back, so I’m definitely open to critique on it. In the next few weeks I have plans to revamp it and going forward past PUB101 I think I’m going to continue to work on this site and make myself more of a “part of this blog”, if that makes sense. TLDR: I’ll work on my About page, I promise. 


As far as monetization goes we are definitely on the same page. My Youtube ads are lately almost 80% Netflix, which is weird considering I do have an account with them already but we all make mistakes. I think incorporating relevant ads into my site could definitely be an asset that I look into in the future for sure. 

Long story short, this third and final peer review was super beneficial and helpful! I want to give special thanks to Victoria for her tips and compliments. 
You can check out her full peer review on my site here!