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Process Post #5: Reacting to my First Peer Review

Today I wanted to look back on my first peer review critiques and address some of the suggestions. 

The creator of The Rabbit Hole was my first peer to review my website and he had some really lovely things to say alongside some really meaningful and helpful suggestions!

I feel like my peer and I had the same ideas as to what I should be adding to my site last week. These are some things I addressed in my process post last week called “Website Map and Future Goals”. 

I’ve made one of these changes already, which is to add a “most recent post” section to my website footer. I think any opportunity to direct the reader to another post or another page is always a good and easy way to keep their attention on your site. 

Second of all, adding more links to my content on the different pages is something I wanted to include as well. An example of this would be linking to my pages directly on the home page instead of just through the menu, whether this be embedding links into the “about this site” write-up or adding buttons. This is something I want to address this week for sure. 

I really appreciate any feedback from peers just so I know I’m on the right track. As we discussed in class, it’s nearly impossible to look at your own work with an unbiased eye. Critiquing your own work, whether it be content wise or simply just correcting spelling, grammar or punctuation, is really hard. 

It’s very comforting to know that I’m on the right track with the overall tone of my site being reflected in my graphics, colour palette, and style of writing for my blog content. Everything that my peer said about my choices was exactly the result I wanted to provoke in my audience. So cheers to that!